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What courses do Quadrant 4 provide?

Quadrant 4 do not provide Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) style courses. Quadrant 4 design and deliver bespoke training courses that meet the customer requirements either for internal products and solutions or project requirements to meet a customer’s contracts, especially in the defence arena.

Does Quadrant 4 provide Train the Trainer style courses?

Quadrant 4 have a number of training modules that can be delivered for company personnel that deliver training modules/courses but are not part of their regular Job Description (for example; HR, Engineering etc).   We can also deliver Train the Trainer type courses for Instructors/Trainers who deliver modules/courses as part of their regular role within a training department in the business.

What is the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT)?

The Joint Service Publication 822 (JSP 822) is the authoritative policy and guidance on the Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) which ensures that all of military training is appropriate, efficient, effective and, most importantly, safe. All Quadrant 4’s training material is DSAT compliant.

Can Quadrant 4 design and develop training courses for our company business, products and solutions being delivered into the market place?

Without doubt, this is what Quadrant 4 do best! We analyse, design, develop, deliver and evaluate your training requirements to the end user, whether they are in the general commercial or defence arenas.

What can Quadrant 4 provide us as a business?

Quadrant 4 can provide you with either; training capability if the business does not have the resources to meet the businesses vision and goals. Quadrant 4 can also provide businesses additional training capability and training resources for projects or programs being delivered to an end user or customer.

What training services do Quadrant 4 provide?

As well as providing DSAT compliant training materials, we can also provide resources to provide businesses requiring support in Training Needs Analysis, Course Design and Development, Course Delivery, Training Validation, Training Management

Do Quadrant 4 provide courses in the various training disciplines?

Yes!, Quadrant 4 can provide and deliver courses in all the DSAT disciplines (Training Ned Analysis (TNA), Course Design & Development, Training Delivery, Training Validation and Evaluation, Training Management as well as Coaching and Mentoring programmes. All our course are accredited by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL).