We offer a variety of telecom services for customers across the UK, ranging from Voice-over internet protocol to broadband and everything in between.

To deliver our telecoms solutions we use Daisy Communications, the third largest independent communications provider in the UK with clients such as BT. For our own customers we operate as points of contact, and are dedicated to providing a fast, reliable service whenever any issues may arise.

From consultation through to installation and continued use, we’ll be on call to ensure you’re happy with the service. Our telecommunications products are there to assist you, so we make sure they’re the right fit for your business.

We provide a better cost rate than other telecommunications suppliers, and our bespoke solutions save our customers significant amounts each year.

Business Exchange Lines

Business exchange lines

For telephone lines, fax machines, or card payments, it’s possible that your company or organisation is paying more for its business exchange lines than it needs to. With Quadrant 4, you gain access to experienced advice on cutting bill costs.

With a free install and all your paperwork handled, saving money on your business essentials couldn’t be easier



Capped broadband can hinder your business’ potential, restricting data usage and downloads. Unlike your typical IT services, the broadband we offer is totally unlimited, and at a cheaper price point than competitors. 

Quadrant 4 can advise, quote on, and install better business broadband options for your organisation.

Lease Lines

Lease lines

Two businesses in separate locations across the UK communicating over DSL isn’t cost-effective. The alternative is easier and more efficient, saving you money as your business continues to do great work.

Quadrant 4 can provide quotes and advice on changing your current methods for something better, cheaper, and more suited to you.

Cloud Services

Cloud services

For customers with a lot of storage and files to be kept, it’s vital that data is secure.

With our cloud services, a data backup every evening keeps internet speeds up to optimum performance during the day, with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance to ensure maximum safety of your storage.



Integrated Service with Digital Network (ISDN) incorporates business exchange lines with broadband services.

Further options can give you up to 30 telephone lines, bringing you the connectivity you need for your clients or customers.



Voice-over internet protocol (VOIP) allows you to use the infrastructure within an internet network for your telephones, giving you a lower cost and increased functionality.

We provide VoIP and IP service, either in house or in the cloud.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems

Hybrid systems, or basic telephone systems, are great for when companies require an exchange with a number of telephones coming off it, whether it’s three, four, or one hundred and four. 

For new installs or for updating your current systems, Quadrant 4 can advise and suggest better, more cost-effective solutions for you.