Quadrant 4 offers training capability to businesses to help them perform better. Whether you want to enhance the services you provide for your customers or internal staff members, or whether you’ve got a new project that requires training capability, we can provide it.

When discussing training requirements, we listen to what the customer wants rather than dictating what the customer needs.

We look at the target audience, who needs to be trained, what needs to be trained, and how it needs to be trained.

We look at delivery requirements with a view to equipping the client with the necessary knowledge and power they need to succeed.

Training Process
Training Needs Analysis

Training needs analysis

Training Needs Analysis looks at what needs to be trained in the first place. When new lines of development are introduced to a business or customer - be it a new product, a new service, a change in legislation, for example - for each, the teaching requirements may change. 

Quadrant 4 looks at what the end user knows, and at what they need to know. We identify the gap between them, and how focused training can bridge that gap.

Instructional Design

Instructional Design

From the analysis comes the Formal Training Statement, outlining what needs to be trained. We set out objectives and develop a roadmap to reach them.

We look at the methods of media we’d use, along with an assessment strategy, and begin designing the course, this is achieved through instructor-led training, computer-based training, or e-learning - it really is down to what the customer wants.

Training Delivery

Training delivery

Training delivery encapsulates the point of delivering the training to the end user, following on from the analysis, design and development stages.

We go through the final materials with workshops, theory-based lessons and presentations in a practical, useful way for the end user. 

Train the Trainer

Train the trainer

Quadrant 4 offers a number of instructional techniques courses whereby we teach you to teach. With these courses accredited through the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning, you deliver a series of theory lessons or skills lessons. 

From that, you can derive your own lessons and be able to deliver any course package you're required to.



Following the training being given, we don’t just ensure the end user found the course useful - we look at the bigger picture in the long-term. Did the training meet the users’ needs for their operational or job role?  Is what was trained being used properly back in the workplace?

We carry out an external validation that goes back into our training system, allowing us to revise and update training modules where necessary.

Providing Capability to Companies

Providing capability to companies

Occasionally, companies suffer from a deficit in training analysis, course design, delivery, or all three. 

We provide companies with additional capability within their business. We enhance services, and design and deliver courses. Think of Quadrant 4 as the additional battery pack to boost businesses!